In 2003 Olsmopure Filter introduced the filtration industry by making the small, disposable, inline filter. Our first filter, and every filter since, was designed to eliminate or reduce contaminants that cause unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in potable water. From this simple concept of "better quality water", Olsmopure Filter has grown and developed.

Granulated Carbon (GAC) has long been utilized to reduce impurities in potable water. It is widely recognised for its absorption capacity plus its ability to reduce dissolved organics and chemicals such as chlorine. These and other impurities can cause undesirable taste, odor and color in water. Olsmopure offers several choices of GAC for use in any filter body. Standard choices include 20 x 40 mesh, used in most conventional instances, and water & acid washed activated carbon which is used in specific situations where highly polished filtered water is required. Specilised carbon selections are also available.

Silver Ag ions is known as the materials to sterilize about 650 kinds of harmful bacteria and microbes by repressing their smooth metabolism function Mano as very small particle size means 10-9(1nm) and it is the size to correspond to 1/100,000 of our hair thickness. Nano Silver is specially to be processed as small as nano particle size with normal Ag to have antibacterial and sterilizing function
by using the technology to form and synthesize a nano particle in various solvents. Olsmopure Series is the solution to be combined "Nano Poly Technology" of highly polymerized compound & its processing technology and "Antibacterial function Ag".

Olsmopure inline sediment filters are used to eliminate sediment before it reaches sensitive equipment such as other filters, ice makers, coffee machines, pumps, R.O. units or purification systems.

We incorporate the most effective sediment removal technologies to address specific problems. The various media are effective in reducing contaminants ranging in size from 50 microns to as low as 1 micron, depending on the need. Filtration down to 1 micron is adequate to reduce cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

The Olsmopure design utilizes a multi-layer depth filtration construction that is vastly superior to single layer alternatives. The benefits of this process are threefold. Overall filtration capacity is increased, pressure drop due to sediment buildup is reduced and service life is greatly extended.
Olsmopure engineering team created a new, state-of-the-art compression molding process. This advanced method produces a strong, one piece block with an extended life. It is unsurpassed at removing chlorine, sediment, taste, odor and organic contaminants. Due to its highly uniform molded structure, Olsmopure carbon block benefits include the reduction of carbon fines release and elimination of channeling and bypass.

Technology and Benefits

Olsmopure consists of finely powdered activated carbon particles that have been bonded together to form a totally uniform, solid profile with superior adsorptive capacity and kinetic efficiency. Olsmopure filters and cartridge elements are designed to flow in a radial, outside to inside direction resulting in low pressure drop, high flow rate and increased capacity.

Olsmopure is suitable for residential point-of-use water filtration as well as commercial and food service applications. The Olsmopure Block is manufactured from high purity activated carbon and is designed to fit most standard household and commercial housings.
CP Series cartridges are manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene and sized for use in our 10" Filter Housings. CP series cartridges are designed for purity and will not impart taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtered. Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.

The CP Series advanced design combines selective "Final Filtration" with appropriate "Pre Filtration" to achieve up to three times the dirt holding capacity of similar size sediment cartridges and many more times that of standard spun or string-wound cartridges. This perfomance enhancement is achieved by combining two separate gradient layers in one filter.

The larger diameter of the pre-filtere reduces the particle load to the post filter, allowing it to operate at higher velocities. The effective filter depth is increased to a full 233% of standard spun-poplypropylene or string-wound filters. This increased depth provides for very high particulate reduction efficiencies and added loading capacity.

The Unique design and performance characteristics of the CP Series cartridges make them an excellent choice for all residential, rural, municipal and commercial applications.
Whether your system requires high flow or high capacity resins, there is Olsmopure Series ion exchange resin to meet your need. Designed precisely to meet diverse water softening needs, Olsmopure softening resins offer reliable, consistent performance that you can stake your reputation on. Decades of expertise, proven performance and reliable supply makes Olsmopure the preferred resin supplier for water softening.

Olsmopure ion exchange resins include a broad line of cation and anion resins for use in multiple bed and mixed bed demineralization, condensate polishing, nuclear applications, as well as other demanding applications. The line of Olsmopure resin products include both gel (or microporous) and macroporous resins, all incorporating uniform particle size (UPS) technology for improved resin bed kinetics and more efficient rinsing.

Most Olsmopure ion exchange resins are based on styrene copolymerized with divinylbenzene (DVB), the preferred matrices for ion exchange resins because of their significant capacity and stability advantages. Some Olsmopure resins have acrylic structures to take advantage of the specific properties and performance of these matrices.


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